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Steadfast in the Faith, the preaching and writing ministry of Pastor Steve Swartz, exists to strengthen the church of Jesus Christ through the detailed verse-by-verse exposition of the Bible. Intended to be intensely practical for daily living, Steadfast in the Faith will take you into the world of the Bible and brings home how Scripture changes your life based on loving obedience to God’s written revelation.

Steadfast in the Faith is committed to the fullness of our Triune God, three Persons who are one God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Steadfast in the Faith is committed to the doctrines of grace which describes salvation by faith alone through grace alone in Christ alone. Steadfast in the Faith is committed to the inerrancy, infallibility, and authority of the Bible as the only means to know the mind and will of God.

Steve Swartz


Steve Swartz serves as senior preaching pastor of Grace Bible Church of Bakersfield, California. He is the author of Strength in the River as well as Shattered Shepherds, a book for church leaders facing ministry hardships, and a regular lecturer at John MacArthur’s Grace Advance Academy, a post-graduate academy for church-planting pastors. He is the featured Bible teacher with “Steadfast in the Faith,” the online media ministry of Grace Bible Church.

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We want to help you remain STEADFAST in your faith - that includes pastors and church leaders in both times of blessing and trial. 

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