Steadfast in the Faith

Anchoring the Soul in the Word of God

Steadfast in the Faith, the preaching and writing ministry of Pastor Steve Swartz, exists to strengthen the church of Jesus Christ through the detailed verse-by-verse exposition of the Bible. Intended to be intensely practical for daily living, Steadfast in the Faith will take you into the world of the Bible and brings home how Scripture changes your life based on loving obedience to God’s written revelation.

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"We are committed to proclaim the name of Jesus Christ and clearly explain the good news of salvation through His shed blood on the cross.  It is my hope that you sense our love for the Lord and our gratitude that you are with us. We consider it a great privilege that you have found Steadfast in the Faith and will pray that the Scriptures speak clearly to your heart and mind."

- Steve Swartz

Newly Released:

Strength in the River:
Lessons in Hope
from Suffering Saints of the Bible