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Strength in the River: Lessons in Hope from Suffering Saints of the Bible

Book-StrengthintheRiverLearn how Paul found power in his weakness and how Abraham trusted in the integrity of God. Discover as Jeremiah did that the sovereignty of God is bigger than you think. Plead with and praise God along side David and learn what it is to submit to the Father during a trial as Jesus did. Strength in the River is a biblical theology of suffering revealed through the lives of these and many more who experienced and taught about suffering in the Scriptures.

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Shattered Shepherds: Finding Hope in the Midst of Ministry Disaster

Book-ShatteredShepherds"This book is for the pastor, elder, deacon, or other leader in the church who has invested his life and passion into his love for Christ's church - and been shot up for doing so by the very ones he is my hope that you gain traction on your road to feeling like a normal human being are a minister of the gospel of Christ, with experience and training. The Church of Jesus Christ is crying out all over the world for faithful men who will lead the charge for sound doctrine, biblical preaching, and bold evangelism...we need leaders, and we need them now. Sometimes in a war, even the wounded have to get up and fight." - Steve Swartz

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Strength in the River:
Lessons in Hope
from Suffering Saints of the Bible