Twelve Reasons to be Joyful

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Twelve Reasons to be Joyful

Joy is the spiritual birthright of every believer in Christ!  Jesus himself promised us joy (John 15:11) and the Apostle Paul reminded us to live a life of rejoicing in the Lord (Phil 4:4). In the midst of a sinful world and a difficult life, one of the greatest ways to arm ourselves with this joy is by looking deeply to the Lord Jesus and his glorious character. In this series, Steve looks at the glories of Christ in John chapters 6 - 8 as reasons to be joyful. Our prayer is for your joy to be increased and your heart encouraged throughout these messages.

December 31, 2017

Twelve Reasons to be Joyful: Remember Christ’s Heroics

Speaker: Dr. Steve Swartz Series: Twelve Reasons to be Joyful Topic: Jesus Passage: John 7:25–7:36

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